Advice & Assurance

Flexible security and data protection advice when you need it.

  • Tap into expert advice when you need it
  • Save money on resource
  • Retainer service to ensure availability

What does advice cover?

We provide advice and consultancy over a wide range of topics from Secure Development Life Cycle advice to ensuring something is GDPR compliant

A simple structure where you are billed for the time required to solve your problem and get the advice that you need

Access to an expert team whenever you need it, without the contracts and complexity - a sure way to ensure that you are doing things the right way, without the big price tag

When is this service used?

The below table explains our typical engagements

Strategic Partnership

Year round support
For organisations who need supplementary expertise
  • Pre paid hours
  • Only pay for what you use
  • Discounted rates

Project Based

Time bound and short term
For organisations who need a dedicated expert for a project
  • Pre paid hours
  • Only pay for what you use
  • Discounted rates


When you need it
For organisations who want access to expertise infrequently
  • Annually
  • Follow a major change / release
  • Quarterly Vulnerability scans


Urgent, crisis support
For organisations going through
a crisis needing external support
  • Annually
  • Follow a major change / release
  • Lowest priority

How does it work?

Working with our expert consultants we will help refine your requirement

Agree the terms in which the work will be carried out

Complete the required task against the requirements set, this can be on-site or remotely, generally remote support is cheaper

Unlike most organisations, we provide a report and summary of the works completed to ensure that the delivery and service exceeded expectations


Our repeatable process allows for simple pricing, working with you to plan effectively.

Monthly Time Completed x Day Rate

Review session and wrap up included.

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