Flexible audit services tailored to your requirements

  • Independant audit and review
  • Comprehensive audit report and plan
  • More than just an interview

What do our audit services cover?

We are certified to carry out audits against the IASME Standard in addition to Cyber Essentials Plus. In addition to this we offer preliminary audit services against things like ISO27001 and PCI DSS

Drawing on our experience of audit, we do not follow the typical intimidating format of traditional audits. We believe in building rapport to understand your business first to deliver beneficial findings, not what you already know.

Our audits are are successful from the planning put in advance, this ensures that the right people are available at the right time.

When do you need an audit?

Audits are not just for large enterprises - there are many benefits to small businesses and startups too.


e.g. Cyber Essentials, IASME
Audit against a certification scheme resulting in accreditation
  • At least annually
  • Follow a major change / release
  • Quarterly Vulnerability scans

Preliminary audit

e.g. before ISO27001 or internal audit
Get the most out of your audit spend through preparation
  • At least annually
  • Follow a major change / release
  • Quarterly Vulnerability scans


e.g. audit against a set of requirements
Flexible bespoke audits against a set of requirements
  • Annually
  • Follow a major change / release
  • Quarterly Vulnerability scans

How do they work?

Working with our consultants, identify the scope of your test and identify where permission is required

Our consultant will carry out an on-site or remote assessment with key stakeholders against the agreed audit scope

A report is produced with remedial activities included, putting vulnerabilities and issues found into priority order

Unlike most organisations, we will go through this with you and provide relevant support rather than handing over a document and moving on


Our repeatable process allows for simple pricing, working with you to plan effectively.

(X Days Auditing) + (1 Days Reporting)

Review session and wrap up included.

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